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Marketing and Business Development Consultancy

Through its workforce with over 15 years experience in leading top brands in Tanzania and Kenya, EAG GGROUP LTD has unmatched strength in marketing ,business development and integrated brand communication, we are a company that has its feet firmly on the ground. This ensures that the strategies we develop are both very well thought out and with local relevance.


Through its subsidiaries, Mbeya FM, Shangwe FM and Fahari News EAG Group LTD plays key role in informing and educating Tanzanians on daily basis through radio and online contents. Radio, apart from being the most penetrative communication medium in Tanzania it is also traditionally trustworthy companion and the source of both information and entertainment in the lives of many Tanzanians, both in the rural and urban.

Tanzania Homes Expo

Tanzania Homes Expo is an annual event organized by EAG Group Ltd; it was conceived and executed purposefully to carry for the growing housing and property industry in the larger East African region. It is the leading most vibrant Real Estate and housing business platform in East Africa and Central Africa.
It showcases of variety of solutions for the industry including Real Estate firms, prime locations, financial services, decor and landscapes, publishing, risk management, communication, construction, architecture, technology, machinery, furniture and general housing solutions.

EAG Properties

EAG properties is led by a diverse, seasoned management team, each possessing extensive experience with leading property development and real estate management firms in the country. Undoubtedly, our success in both the residential and commercial property market in Tanzania is drawn from our immensely rich personnel base whose vast experience and expertise in the real estate industry has been demonstrated very ably for the past ten years.

The teams consist of young, highly motivated, and multi-disciplined graduates who are actively involved in consultancy, purchasing, development, letting and management of both residential and commercial properties.

EAG GROUP through EAG Properties has entered into many contracts to sell and market plots on behalf of large-scale land developer; currently we have project in Dar es Salaam, Iringa, and Coast Regions. Through Tanzania Homes Expo EAG GROUP offer unbeatable market to sell land to Tanzania within and outside Tanzania.

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