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Simba Sport Club and EAG Group have entered into a 5 years business agreement aimed at consulting and implementing marketing business development.
Under the agreement, EAG Group Ltd will be in charge of developing and implementing marketing and business development activities for Simba Sports Club. The club with its strong base in Dar es Salaam has over 10 million fans across Tanzania.
Speaking during the occasion Simba Sports Club President Evans Aveva said, “Simba Sports Club has opened a new chapter in its quest to foster on performance both on pitch and outside, we have no doubt that this agreement will enable the club to become a force to be recon within the region”
On his part, EAG GROUP LTD CEO, Imani Kajula said, “At EAG Group we believe this is the call of service, to serve a club with unmatched history and brand, it’s an honor and we have strong conviction that the outcome will foster Simba Sports Club to great height.


Yes time does fly: We at Tanzania Homes Expo can hardly believe that 5 years have passed since we launched Tanzania Homes Expo with a dream of providing unequaled platform to home solution seekers and providers in Tanzania.
We would like to thank our sponsors, exhibitors and visitors for the consistent support over the years. This event has cemented our partnership and our growth curve is intricately connected to great support received from sponsors, exhibitors and visitors.
As we celebrate the 5th Tanzania Homes Expo, we observe great achievements in terms of growth and customer satisfaction. This chapter is a built up of consistent excellence in our last 4 successful expos. The growth is exemplified by the ever increasing number of exhibitors and new entrants.
1st Tanzania Homes Expo had merely 25 exhibitors compared to 4th event which had over 100 exhibitors.
There are five words that capture the theme of the 5th Tanzania Homes Expo and which expose the spirit of an authoritative platform for customers to explore different options for building, owning or improve their homes... More Options to You… MOTOYO! Connecting and subsequently discovering different options that 5th Tanzania Homes Expo will offer leads to far much greater accomplishments for the visitor and the exhibitor.
Welcome to the 5th Tanzania Homes Expo! Certainly it will be a delightful event. Karibuni sana.


The East Africa ATM card switch operators have come together to bring solution to the concern of a lack of a regional switch that will improve access to ATM services for users of participating banking in EAC countries. The firms named Umoja Switch-Tanzania, Kenswitch and Paynet- Kenya, Interswitch-Uganda and Rswitch-Rwanda have come together to improve access of ATM services across East African Region.
Following the signature and ratification of the common market Protocol, the East African Community (EAC) secretariat in collaboration with the World Bank and other development partners, established the Financial Sector Development and Regionalization project (FSDRP) with a view to providing a foundation for financial sector integration among EAC partners State and supporting the broadening and deepening of the financial sector through the establishment of a single market in financial services.
This initiative from the switches is expected to bring financial benefits and impacts to the financial sector across the regions. Among the benefits are:

  1. Facilitate the payments to the card holders.
  2. Transformation of cash to cashless society. People from all borders will no longer have to carry cash because they will be able to access their cash whenever they are.
  3. Convenience on making payment since any card holder will be able to access their account at any ATM across the region.
  4. Minimize the risk of carrying cash and bring safety to the economy.

EAG Group was behind the event workshop and launch success by facilitating venue at Mount Meru Arusha, coordinating hotel booking, designing and printing promotional materials.

EAG GROUP LTD Partners with TANTRADE to stage Zanzibar Tourism Expo

Zanzibar Tourism Expo is an annual Tourism Exhibition designed to offer unmatched platform to promote and showcase tourism services and offerings to the World. The 1st Zanzibar Tourism Expo (ZTE) is slated for 12th – 15th February 2015.
EAG GROUP LTD, in collaboration with Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TANTRADE) have joined forces to organize and stage Zanzibar Tourism Expo (ZTE). This event will correspond with one of the largest music festivals dubbed Sauti za Busara. The objective of ZTE is to foster tourism promotion in Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland. Zanzibar Tourism Expo is expected to attract over 25,000 visitors to over 100 participating exhibitors.
Speaking during launching Zanzibar Tourism Expo promotion EAG GROUP CEO Imani Kajula said “Tanzania massive Tourism potential still lies largely unnoticed but not for much longer. The world is coming and so is the dream of making Zanzibar and Tanzania at large the leading tourism destination in the world”.

2014 Tanzania Homes Expo ends on high note

Tanzania Homes Expo is part of EAG Group LTD, formed by seasoned marketing, sales and housing professionals, with years of experience in building brands in Tanzania and the region at large.
Five years ago Tanzania had no exhibition dedicated to homes and real estate sector!. Today, Tanzania Homes Expo is the largest with over 25,000 visitors. The Tanzanian homes industry has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Some of the factors contributing to the growth include; Information flow, professionalism, interaction, service diversity and buyers and seller relationship. Tanzania homes expo brings together an assorted of stake holders in the real estate industry not only to showcase the best that is in the market but also to help Tanzanians have access to the kind of home that they desire for both high end and low end segments.
The last four years have been a humbling experience. Faced with challenges at every turn, Tanzania Homes Expo has been an exciting learning curve. Tanzania Homes Expo feels proud for being pioneer of creating the largest platform for sellers and home solutions seekers but also uplifting the word EXPO as oppose to Fair or Exhibition, because we strongly believe in EXPOSING sellers and buyers to new solutions and markets. We feel enlightened to see new businesses and solutions being exposed and in turn change lives of Tanzanians and also increase participating companies business.
We would like to thank our sponsors who made us grow; CAMEL Cement, CAM Gas, African Life, UAP Insurance, Citizen, Mwananchi, KAFKAS Group, Clouds FM, National Housing Corporation, Prime Advertising and Artik Aluminum. Tanzania Homes Expo has cemented our partnership and our growth curve is intricately connected with our esteemed sponsors. Tanzania Mortgage Refinance Company and Ministry of Land and Housing can’t escape to be mentioned as major reason for making Tanzania Homes Expo the leading and most visited homes event.
Our growth is also linked to returning exhibitors. With 90 percent repeat rate, their continued patronage and presence is a profound testament to the networking opportunities available for any participating business. Over span of four years, this networking has helped to generate thousands of sales leads and increased the interest of both exhibitors and visitors.
For Tanzania Homes Expo to keep on growing, we have embraced two of our company values creativity and leadership; to that end, this year we have gone an extra mile to create a learning platform to homes solution seekers by creating SMART LIVING SEMINARS. These seminars were entwined to the event; visitors got access to leading and seasoned professionals in mortgage finance, landscaping, construction, healthy living, renewable energy and Insurance. SMART LIVING SEMINARS will continue to be part of homes expo to give visitors more exposure to smart living and home ownership.
The end of 4th Tanzania Homes Expo marks the beginning of 5th Tanzania Homes Expo. We look forward to welcome you to the 5th Tanzania Homes Expo in 2015, we are convinced it will once again be delightful event unabated.
Imani J. Kajula – CEO EAG GROUP LTD

EAG GROUP LTD and TASO hold press conference

In quest to improve awareness and visits during Nanenane (farmers’ exhibitions), TASO and EAG Group LTD held a press conference to avail a brief of Nanenane preparations underway across all 6 agricultural show zones. Speaking during the press conference, TASO Chairman Mr. Moyo encouraged farmers and agriculture stakeholders to utilize Nanenane shows to learn and share agriculture insights as means to improve agricultural sector across the country. On his behalf CEO of EAG Group LTD Imani Kajula said “Agriculture employs nearly 80% of Tanzanians, making it the leading employer in Tanzania, EAG Group LTD will utilize its marketing and business development knowledge to broaden awareness and information regarding agriculture to enable farmers and all agriculture stakeholders to improve yields, productivity and economies.


  • Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. Theodore Isaac Rubin
  • Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. Theodore Isaac Rubin
  • Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best. Theodore Isaac Rubin
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